Foundation Repair Options for Foundation Stabilization

There are many options for  foundation stabilization to repair your foundation:

  1. Helical pile system – This is a good option with foundations above sandy or swampy soils, or for lightweight structures such as porches and gazebos.
  2. Deep-driven steel pile system – A trusted option for foundations sitting on rocky or clay soils.
  3. Wall tiebacks – This option is able to provide necessary support when sitting on hydrostatic soil pressure.
  4. Carbon fiber – Some of our locations utilize this system to support bowed walls, beams, and columns.
  5. Slab brackets – An installation that is able to support failing slabs of concrete, normally used with helical piles.

Mendoza House Leveling & Repair will provide you with a  Foundation Assessment, and these options for Foundation Repair or House Leveling.

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Posted on January 25, 2019 at 12:15 pm

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