Home Foundations – What type of foundation does your home have?

There are three types of foundations that are commonly used in the construction of homes: slab, crawlspace, and basement.

  1. Pier and Beam – One of the sturdiest and longest-lasting solutions, a pier and beam foundation involves wood posts or concrete piers set into the ground to bear the weight of your housing structure.
  2. Crawlspace – When your home has a crawlspace foundation, pillars are used to support your home. Having a crawlspace foundation allows for  accessible space, but with limited headroom, between the soil and the floor of a home. Having a  crawlspace foundation can help protect your home against flooding and keep your home cooler during the summer. Crawlspace construction is very common in areas where there is heavy clay content in the soil.
  3. Basement – A basement has concrete perimeters and there are pillars that are used to support them. Although basements are  typically found in northern regions, there are many homes in Texas that have basements. A basement foundation does not allow for open air, so mold and bacteria can become a problem.
  4. Concrete Slabs – A foundation that is composed of poured concrete sections that range from four to eight inches in thickness and poured directly on the grade. These are a good option for areas where there is a relatively high water table.. Since concrete slabs have no accessible air space, concerns for mold or bacteria are very low.

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